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Exceeding Electronics Group Limited is specialized in producing printed circuit  boards of “multi-variety, medium and small batch, fast delivery”. 70% of the products are sold to Europe and the United States, and 30% of the products are sold to Asia and China. Products are mainly used in high-tech fields such as computers,telecommunication equipments,medical equipments, industrial controls, military industry, aerospace, instrumentation and automotive industry.


Since its establishment in Sep. 2001,  Exceeding Electronics has introduced the most advanced technology, production equipment and testing equipment. After nearly 20years of development, it has become a domestic first-class full-process multilayer circuit board manufacturer. The company has advanced professional design and manufacturing teams, introduced high-end automation equipment such as vacuum etching line, VCP line, Hitachi drilling machine, LDI machine, etc., and strive to improve the company's technical level and production capacity.

We’re specialized in producing PCBs of 2-30 layers, including the ability to produce high-density PCB, HDI, and PCB with blind buried via, high-frequency materials and mixed pressure and other technical capabilities.


Exceeding Electronics implements standardized management system, and is entitled with ISO9001 quality management system certification, and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company pays attention to environmental protection. In the early stage of its establishment, it invested in the establishment of an environmental treatment system for waste gas and waste water, and took the social responsibility to build a green factory. 


 Exceeding Electronics is characterized by "excellent quality, on-time delivery, and good price". Adhering to the market principle of "customer-centered, quality first, people-oriented, sincere cooperation ", the company has established a rapid response mechanism for orders, and urgent orders are clearly identified, placed in specialized areas, and followed up by dedicated personnel to ensure that orders are in effective control from receipt to shipment, ensuring on time delivery. We are confident and capable of providing customers with satisfactory products and fast service.